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Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project 
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Contract No MOES/LEARN/IC/2023-05
Financial Management Specialist 
Issuance date: 17/05/2023
Closing date/time: 07/06/2023
The Government of the Republic of Tajikistan has received grant funding in the amount of US$50.0 million from the World Bank for the implementation of the "Learning Environment – Foundation of Quality Education Project” (the Project, LEARN) during 2023-2029. The Project will be implemented by the Ministry of Education and Science (MOES), and in close coordination with the Agency for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (ASSES). 
The Project Development Objective is to enhance the quality of teaching and learning environments in selected general secondary schools.
“Teaching and Learning environment” in this project refers to the complete physical, social, and pedagogical context in which learning is intended to occur. The teaching and learning environment in this project is defined as consisting of the skills and competencies of teachers and physical learning spaces where learning occurs . It is school settings (not just classrooms) and contexts in which students learn and teachers teach within the school premises.
he Financial Management Specialist will provide support for the implementation of the Project in the field of financial management and be responsible for preparation of all financial transactions and keeping of accounts to ensure implementation of measures stipulated in the Project Legal Agreements.
• Approve any sign of all financial documents of the Project, including banking, cashier documents and documents related to salaries, and is fully responsible for the correct, reliable submission of financial documents for signing to the Head of Department for accounting and financial reporting and Project Director; 
• Prepare all project payments orders and internal vouchers for the project;
• Ensure proper and targeted use of project funds in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan and the World Bank as described in the Project Financial Manual;
• Participate in planning, budgeting for the implementation of the Project; 
• Monitor and ensure effective use of project funds, according to World Bank procedures and legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan; 
• Prepare transactions related to wages, travel, advance payments and maintenance of advance accounts; 
• Verify  invoices and other payment documents for compliance with the contract terms and agreements; 
• Control and authorization of all banking and cash transactions; 
• Correctly fill out all financial documents (bank, cash, invoices, payment documents, travel documents, advance invoices, etc.); 
• Control over the preparation of Withdrawal Applications (form e2380), Income and Expense Reports, and Special Obligations (form e2380);
• Maintain regular accounting of fixed assets purchased during the Project implementation; 
• Prepare the Quarterly Interim Unaudited Financial Reports (IFRs) and their timely submission to the World Bank; 
• Perform monthly cash and bank reconciliations;
• Control preparation of monthly, quarterly financial reports and quarterly reports by districts to be presented to the Ministry of Finance, State Committee on Investments and State Property Management, State Committee on Statistics of the Republic of Tajikistan; 
• Prepare and submit of tax reports to the Tax Committee and the local tax authority; 
• Prepare other additional reports and information, as necessary, for the Ministry of Finance and other government agencies related to investments; 
• Ensure effective audit of project financial reports and their timely submission to the World Bank; 
• Implement other instructions of the Project Coordinator regarding the functional responsibilities for the said Project;
• Operate and prepare reports using the 1C accounting program
• Ensure timely entering and post transactions into to the 1C accounting software and perform 
• monthly closing procedures;
• Ensure timely submission of withdrawal applications and adequate funds flows. 
It is expected that the selected candidate will conform to the following qualifications and experience profile:
• Higher education in Accounting/Finance/Business management/Public Administration; a post graduate degree will be an advantage;
• A minimum of five years of professional experience implementing financial management and accounting functions;
• Experience in operating donor funds in development projects is an asset; knowledge of World Bank requirements will be preferable;
• The ability to supervise accounting and other financial functions, and report financial information useable to the various stakeholders: Government, Bank and Auditors;
• Sound knowledge of government of Tajikistan’s accounting and financial management system;
• Strong computer skills and practical experience with the 1C Accounting Software;
• Strong communication skills;
• Excellent command of Russian, good knowledge of Tajik, and working knowledge of English is a preference. 
• Two reference letters from the most recent employers
The Financial Management Specialist is expected to be available for this assignment as soon as LEARN becomes effective (expected in March 2023). This assignment is for a total of 12 (twelve) months starting from the contract signing date and renewable annually based on the consultant’s performance and project needs. The MOES shall provide an office space and necessary equipment to the Financial Management specialist during his/her tenure of service in the Project. The Financial Management specialist is expected to work full time (office hours).
The Consultant(s) will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers November 2020 (Procurement Regulations).
Qualified applicants are requested to send the CV and cover letter in Russian and English via e-mail: 
Please, include the position title in the subject of the email.
For more information, please call: (+992 37) 2274502 from 8:00 to 17:00 
The deadline for submitting documents is 07 June 2023, before 17:00 (Dushanbe time).